came back from the grave just to dig another one

hey all, I’m so sorry that the links are all down. In my country, the internet speed is really really sucks. in my case, it’s 40 kBps download and 7 Kbps upload, so to re-upload is just fucking impossible. not only it takes too long, it frustrated me that the connection tends to disconnected every time I upload something. but don’t worry, because I already back up the whole project on site, so just try to find them or click here if you’re already signed up to see all my uploads there. and there’s vol 4 uncensored too, which I haven’t put it in my own blog

the worst thing is , it seems that all of my to-love-ru uncensored project has gone for good. a long time ago my hard disk was damaged so it was gone before I could backup them in somewhere else. so if anyone be so kind to re-upload them, please leave a comment and I’ll put them again for everyone.

so, if anyone asked why did I stop the project, first factor is real life. getting older means more responsibility to take so there goes my free time. second factor is fucking slow- internet connection, and third, (in keroro’s case) is after volume 4, there’s no nipple exposure anymore, so I lost my interest.

but don’t worry, as my friend, kick the kitty, has already scanned them up to vol 14 or so. you can find them some where over here. but it seems that some of them weren’t cropped yet. that’s up to you whether to help him or not (^^).

after words.. my current project is finishing that kamitou masaki translation, and maybe after that I’ll go on pilgrimage to find a nice spot for diggin’ my grave.. or not.


3 Responses to “came back from the grave just to dig another one”

  1. david aka turtle Says:

    dear raitoryuulk,

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  2. Влас Says:

    Excellent thought

  3. kikito91 Says:

    I’ve read the chapter 1&2 of Manami Sensei on g.e-hentai but the chapters 3&4 are offline. Can you tell me where I can find them?

    Best regards

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