Keroro gunsou vol 3

Keroro gunsou Vol 3

Keroro gunsou Vol 3

here’s two new chapter, blame on to-love-ru uncensored for the late update ^^

Chapter 21 : download

chapter 22 : download

chapter 23 : download

chapter 24 : download

chapter 25 : download

chapter 26 : download

chapter 27 : download

chapter 28 : download



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14 Responses to “Keroro gunsou vol 3”

  1. lastra Says:

    Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work.

  2. bubba Says:

    Thank you for this. Will v2 have a batch download like v1?

    • raitoryuulk Says:

      i don’t know. uploading one full batch download takes 3 whole hours to complete, and that wasn’t guaranteed to succeed. blame my internet provider, my country’s sucks, even with high monthly fee (20 US$) I only got 384 kbps downstream and 56 kbps upstream. and sometimes it can disconnected suddenly, which is occurring more often these days. i’ll try anyway, but now let me concentrate at finishing the rest of the chapters first, as my school days draws near. thanks for commenting.

  3. Lett23 (Lett303) Says:

    pls do volume 02 – 03 and 12 of to-love-ru uncensored that the volume that haven’t been done yet of course volume 01,04-11,13 have been done i dont know if volume 14-up uncensored are released but plzz do if possible just, well that’s that. well it all depend on you just here to tell the volumes of uncensored that haven’t been done well thanks for the better Keroro gunsou chapters keep up the good work.

  4. Allies Says:

    thanks for the chapters!

  5. Davy Says:

    Hey thanks a lot for doing this. I’ve been waiting so long for someone to scan this manga.

    Are you going to be doing the entire series?

  6. declinkz Says:

    Thanks… It’s hard to find keroro scanlation… Keep up the good work~ XD

  7. Furogu Says:

    Thanks for bring us Keroro! I’ll wait the next volume!

  8. third child Says:

    thnx for the scans man!

  9. Kashiko Says:

    Can’t wait for the next update. Keep up the good work!

  10. juan32 Says:

    Thanks, the volume 1 works ok, but the rest isn’t working, can you reupload it?

  11. adam Says:

    Dear sir
    would you please tell me where i can find to-love-ru uncensored ?

  12. hadeze Says:

    Thank you for putting these up but their not up any more.

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