Keroro gunsou vol 1!

keroro gunsou vol 1

keroro gunsou vol 1

It’s (not) my first release! but it is the first on this blog. more will follow as soon i finished uploading them.

the difference between mine and mangascreener’s is, mine’s not censored! all my manga release will be uncensored, original pages from the raw and of course, in english.

sorry for the inconvenience, but my uploading speed is sucks, and it keep disconnected so i have to split it in several files.

anyway, here you go :
ch 1-2 :…v01_ch_1-2.rar
ch 3-4 :…v01_ch_3-4.rar
ch 5-6 :…_v01ch_5-6.rar
ch 7-8 :…v01_ch_7-8.rar
ch 9-10 :…01_ch_9-10.rar

the uncensored pages are in chapter 7 and 10. I forgot if there are more though.

Finally managed to put one bundled volume! here you go,

vol 1 :


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16 Responses to “Keroro gunsou vol 1!”

  1. allies Says:

    thanks, man. i hope you can keep it until the keroro gunsou is finished.

  2. lastra Says:

    thanks, I look forward for more chapters. ^_^

  3. lastra Says:

    also is it possible to use a different file service then rapidshare (preferably mediafire or megaupload) because I don’t have a premium account and I have to wait 15 minutes between downloads.

    • raitoryuulk Says:

      sorry, can’t do that. mediafire keep deleting my uploads, and some other reason. after this, i will release keroro by chapter, hopefully, one per day.

  4. mistman Says:

    Sendspace or 4Shared should be considered… Rapidshare is okay for bundled volume download, not separate chapters. Anyway, thanks for your hardwork. Please don’t take this as whining, take this as suggestion.

    • raitoryuulk Says:

      thank yo for your suggestion, i’ll upload the bundled volume as soon as possible, because my internet connectios is still sucks. it keeps disconnected at 50%- 90% upload with 5 kbps upload speed. I’ve tried it 4 times until i get frustrated.

  5. mith Says:

    Hi, I’m Mithril from Mangafox~~ I just want to ask if it’s okay for us to host your releases?

    • raitoryuulk Says:

      so you released it first then ask me later huh.. actually i don’t mind (if you ask first), but will you at least link the scanlator (me) in your site to this blog? and i will really appreciate if you can wait at least 48 hours from the release date before you host them in your site. please reply.

  6. Mith Says:

    Aw gosh>..< I'm really sorry~ I always forget to that *slaps herself twice* this is the second time I've done this. *bows* Don't worry, we will link back to you, promise. And from now on, we will follow your 2-day waiting period rule. Thank you<3

  7. Mith Says:

    Where’s my previous post gone to? >__< *slaps herself twice* this is the second time I've done this – uploading first before asking. *bows* Anyways, I've already link to this blog and I promise that from now on, we will follow your 2-day waiting period. Thank you_<

  8. sea-slug Says:

    Thank you for the release! I really like Keroro Gunsou and no one had scanslated it. THANK YOU!!

  9. lastra Says:

    Thanks for the full volume link. ^^

  10. gzrock Says:

    thx for link

  11. Pumpkin Says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work! I’ve wanted to check this out for quite awhile now, but download links were pretty thin on the ground. And here you have all of Volume 1! I’m going to enjoy this–so thanks!

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