Welcome to my scanlation blog!

I finally decided to make my own blog, because i’ve edited much manga recently like…. 5 volumes of Keroro gunsou, 14 volumes of To-love-ru, all in english and UNCENSORED!!!

most of them were edited from existing scanlation, like keroro gunsou (sergeant keroro) was released by kickthekitty in franky house scanlation (http://franky-house.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8412)

and to-love-ru were from various scanlators.

so, what am i doing you ask? I edited the censored pages, replacing it with the original uncensored pages from the raw, re-type set it, and finally, uploading it. except from keroro gunsou though, i spent more time on it because the original scanlation is a quick release (they weren’t cropped, cleaned, and the angle is still messy from the scan machine).

as for the translation, i only did it on hentai manga, which can you expect to appear in this blog from time to time, although not that frequent, because i’m a bit sucks in japanese.

that’s all for the introduction, hope you like my work!


7 Responses to “Welcome to my scanlation blog!”

  1. Lett303 Says:

    Where do i get these To Love-ru Uncensored Re-edited Volumes

    • raitoryuulk Says:

      please be patience, it’s on editing process. hopefully to-love ru vol 1 will be finished before sunday.

  2. Ushi no Uta Says:

    congrats for your scanlation blog !

  3. Lett303 Says:

    Ahh! I see, thanks for the INFO.

  4. Chronos-Club Says:


    congrats for your blog!!
    I really like it keroro gunsou…
    thanks for the scanlation.

    in my webpage you can find the anime of keroro gunso subtituled in spanish!

    visit me please!

  5. trebla88 Says:

    wow,thx a lot man :D!
    I like keroro gunsou very much and in my country the manga stopped at vol 15
    its kinda sucks 😦
    but I hope u will continue to edit the series till surprass my country release’s

  6. blackmoth Says:

    keep up the good work.

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